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Fredonia, New York
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It may be rain't but there's a rainbow above you

I am told that I am fun to be with. I have been told that I am "something else" and that that is a good thing. I am a creative thinker and my creativity applies to everything including the bedroom. :) I tend to intuit my way to my decisions and therefore "chemistry" is the real starting point. Profiles, age, education, etc. are all secondary to chemistry. I am a man of integrity and my word is important, at the same time, I will let the 'bad boy' in me come out and play with the one who chooses to walk with me. My two daughters tell me that their two brothers and I have spoiled them in terms of what they are looking for in men. When asked to clarify they tell me: " Well it is our experience that there are basically two kinds of men - those who are "Manly men" but are jerks or they are Sensitive, compassionate men but are wusses. Their brothers and I, we are told, are the best of both. We are strong (emotionally & physically), athletic, rugged with a broad range of 'manly" abilities and interests, intimate (in a man's sense of this word) while at the same time, sensitive, compassionate, tender, intimate(in a woman's sense of this word), good communicators listeners, cooperative, a team player, etc. I agree. I am both. I have spent most of my career working in areas of human development and human service, helping/coaching others. Those who know me best tell me that I am one of the I am one of the strongest, most courages, creative, & humoress persons they have ever known. Looking For: I notice that everyone here is looking for basically the same thing, but no one has found it, otherwise they wouldn't be here right. Therefore, I am looking first for the chemistry-if that's there then some of the rest will be there also.My match would be similary balanced. Like my daughters she would be independent while choosing intimacy and relationship- in other words not "needy." Likewise, I don't expect someone to make me happy(as if anyone could MAKE another happy)-but someone to share happiness with. She would be as content to be alone as to be in a relationship. She would be as comfortable in jeans and T shirt as dressed to the nines. Someone who can journey on her own, but would like to have someone journey with her. Someone who has strength of character but is open to new ideas and experiences. but not so open minded her brains fall out. She would be comfottable in her own skin. Honest, transparent, genuine, authentic with a good sense of humor and wit. She would be as supportive, open, accepting of me as I of her. And Oh, yes, she would be a good kisser, love to cuddle, affectionate, comfortable with PDA, and all the spice this can lead to.I may add more later or just save the rest for an ongoing conversation. In any event, all this thinking really hurts my brain.

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5'  6"   (168 cm)
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